Airbrush Tanning


We proudly carry SJolie spray solutions. Our tans are more effective than booth tanning, as you will receive optimal coverage by our spray tanning specialists. We use a hand held airbrush machine after custom mixing your best suited color to make sure your skin is efficiently covered evenly and beautifully. Our tanning solutions give you a beautiful skin tone without any orange tint.


Single Visit: $35

Package: 3 visits for $75

Unlimited Membership: $99/month

Naturally Derived –Our entire spray tan solution product line is made of naturally derived ingredients certified vegan by PETA Foundation. They are paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free.

Appointment length is 30 minutes.

Please read all the below tips + tricks.  If your tan is compromised for not following the below instructions we will not be able to guarantee the results of your tan.


Preparation Tips

  • Exfoliate and moisturize 24 hours before your treatment, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas.

  • Paint nails and toenails, especially if artificial.

  • Wax/shave at least 48 hours prior to treatment. This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to. Wax residue will block the absorption of our spray tanning solution

  • The entire 24 hours before your treatment avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products or in shower moisturizers

  • Please don’t apply moisturizer, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day of your treatment.

  • If the skin is dry, use a Primer, to balance pH levels in the skin and blending cream to block our unwanted tanning areas.


Aftercare Tips

  • Wear dark loose clothing. Tight clothing or underwear may cause marks. Wear flip-flops or loose fitting shoes.

  • Wait at least 8 hours before showering, and then shower lightly in cold – lukewarm water. For best results, we recommend waiting 12-24 hours before showering. You may see color washing off the first time you shower, this is normal.

  • Wax/shave at least 48 hours prior to treatment. This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to.

  • Use plain water, don’t use shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofah during the first 24 hours after your treatment.

  • Avoid sweating. Don’t exercise or swim for the first 24 hours after your spray tan treatment.

  • Try not to touch your skin during development time. Any marks on your hands, therefore, are due to your hands touching the developing tan. You need to be aware that once this has developed, nothing will remove it from your palms.

  • Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more. Remember to wash your palms after.

  • Long exposure to water and sweating from exercise will fade your spray tan. Your outer cells will start to soak up water which dilutes the effect of the tan. The longer you are in water the lighter your tan will get.